Glanhau Cletwr! // Cleaning Cletwr!

Glanhau Cletwr! // Cleaning Cletwr!

Many hands make light work.

We learned that when we did “The Big Move” last September. We also learned that it’s really satisfying to get together and really get stuff done, as well as a good chance to catch up with everyone.

Before we start getting ready for (dare I even say the word…) Christmas, we need to give our community space a good old fashioned sort out and get it back to looking like our shiny new Cletwr of last year. Let’s chase out those dust bunnies and get everything ship shape and Bristol fashion ready for the season ahead.

So many of our volunteers and supporters expressed an interest in helping out in a more “ad hoc” way rather than filling a regular shift – so we thought it could be fun to have a week of sessions to get together and get these jobs done.

We’ve put together a week of sessions, at different times of the day so that everyone can join in depending on when they’re free;

  • Monday 22nd October 9-11am.
  • Tuesday 23rd October 5-7pm.
  • Wednesday 24th October 4.30-6.30pm.
  • Thursday 25th October 6-8pm.
  • Friday 26th October 5-7pm.
  • Saturday 27th October 4-6pm.
  • Sunday 28th October 4-6pm.

There is plenty to do, for all abilities and ages (although we do ask that under 13’s are supervised by an adult). Bring marigolds and don’t wear your Sunday best – although we do have aprons. We’ll make sure there’s plenty of tea & coffee and a lot of laughs.